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Help Us Defeat Loneliness

On the 14th of February 2021 Street Soccer Academy will celebrate ten years as a UK Registered Charity and are planning a number of events throughout the year to mark the occasion. We would like to invite friends and supporters to join us by engaging in events, either in person when this is possible later in the year, or by joining in the online conversation taking place on our social media platforms. Presentations over the year will look at some of the successes of the last decade, highlighting the impact made in the lives of many individuals in the region and additionally feature some of the individuals, companies and organisations who have provided support along the way, making many memorable moments whist undertaking our work.


To kick off our year of celebration we decided to host an appeal that has as it’s focus the exact reason why our charity exists. Through our Connections Centre appeal we are looking to establish a resource that will directly impact upon the effects of isolation and loneliness felt by the majority of our service users. The complexity of needs suffered by those who register with our charity means that the vital connections we all generally rely upon in our daily lives are often dysfunctional or non-existent. This problem generally applies across the whole of our service users lives, meaning the absence of relationship with family, friends, the local community for emotional support, through to connections in the wider community for employment and healthcare support. Through the SSA Connections Centre we will provide one-to-one assistance in helping our service users establish these connections by accessing help from our network of partner agencies. Through the Connections Centre we hope to see individuals create for themselves a sustainable lifestyle supported by a network of connections from within the community where they live, ultimately defeating isolation and loneliness.


The issues dealt with through the SSA Connections Centre can be listed in seven broad categories and these are outlined below:-

Accommodation – Ensuring that our service users are housed in suitable accommodation, providing a safe, comfortable refuge and the base for a stable life.

Family & Community Support – Enabling our service users to develop and maintain relationships with family and community to provide support, encouragement, guidance and commitment to reintegration and rehabilitation.

Drugs & Alcohol – Challenging our service users to change their behaviour with regard to drugs and alcohol through positive influence and professional advice provided by our partner agencies.

Attitudes, Thinking & Behaviour – The development and application of effective problem-solving abilities, pro-social strategies for managing difficult emotions/situations and in dealing with peers. The aim is to change behaviour by positive influence.

Physical & Mental Health – Ensuring that primary health needs are met and encouraging our service users to establish healthy lifestyles that contribute to employment, learning, leisure activity and acceptable social behaviour.

Employment, Learning & Skills – Developing skills, learning and accreditation to enable our service users to enter into or continue with employment, training and education and to establish legitimate earning capacity and self-support.

Finance – Ensuring that issues are not compounded by financial difficulties, our service users are given opportunity to manage financial problems. We want to ensure our beneficiaries are financially secure and have the skills to manage within their budget.


As advised we launch our Connections Centre appeal on Tuesday 16th February 2021. Our hope is to create a place where our service users feel welcome and more importantly a resource that can effectively make a difference in their lives. Please help us to help our service users feel like they have a voice, there is someone available to listen to them and more importantly, take action.

We are running the SSA Connections Centre Campaign in conjunction with the Aviva Community Fund and at midday on the day of launch a link will be made available to access our campaign page on the Aviva website. Please keep an eye on our social media channels or our website blog for details of the link and if you want to help us in our fight against isolation & loneliness follow the instructions to make an online donation. Any help you can give us is very much appreciated.

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