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Our streetsoccer programme is delivered through our regional centres and is based around the Street Soccer Academy Coach Education & Personal Development Programme.

On our streetsoccer¬†programme, users learn basic life and work-related skills in a supportive environment, whilst enjoying the benefits of healthy physical activity and participation in England Football Accredited sessions. Click the ‘Find Out More’ tab below for further details of the streetsoccer programme.

Streetfit is a football-based fitness programme designed to provide users with a fitness regime that requires no specialist equipment or gym access, and one that can be carried out in most everyday settings.

Using Streetfit as the basis of our Coach Education & Personal Development programme provides service users with the same education & personal development opportunities as our Street Soccer programme, but without the requirement of a specialised football facility, Streetfit is better suited to agencies who may not have access to such a facility. Click the ‘Find Out More’ tab below for further details of the Streetfit programme.