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Soccer 24

Soccer 24 is the Premier Fundraiser of Street Soccer Academy. An SSA rep team take on 24 opponents in 24 consecutive one-hour football matches that culminate in a full day of football in… ‘the ultimate test of soccer endurance.’

The aim of Soccer 24 is first and foremost to raise much-needed funds to assist us in the ongoing work of Street Soccer Academy and secondly to raise awareness of this work as we seek to help individuals with complex and multiple needs.

2023 Soccer 24 Event Summary

Sponsorship Packages

Street Soccer Academy would like to invite local businesses, community groups, football clubs and individuals to support this fundraising event. Soccer 24 involves approximately 250 participants plus a large number of spectators and attracts significant press publicity.

There are number of ways to get involved in Soccer 24 as outlined below. If you are interested in seeing how you could help raise vital funds for our charity, whilst enjoying a unique team-building experience, please do get in touch.

  • Event Programme Sponsor

    • Company profile in event programme
    • Company logo on event publicity material
    • Pitchside banners
    • Hourly slot in Soccer 24
    • Publicity stall for event duration (optional)
  • VIP Match Sponsor

    • Hourly slot in Soccer 24
    • Post-match presentation
    • Team photo
    • PlayCam footage of game
  • Match Sponsor

    • Hourly slot in Soccer 24
    • Post-match presentation
    • Team photo

Interested in supporting this event?

Get in touch for more infomation about entering a team or sponsoring a Soccer 24 event.