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Our Values

At Street Soccer Academy we place emphasis on developing the attitudes, thinking and behaviour of our service users, whilst assisting them with their physical & mental health, personal & work skills development and search for meaningful employment. We recognise that without affecting the way a service user thinks, long-term positive change is difficult.

Street Soccer Academy is part of a mutual-aid network, recognising the importance of partnership in achieving permanent solutions to complex issues. Our expertise is in the delivery of England Football Accredited Coach Education and Personal Development programmes and we therefore need the expertise of other agencies to complete the package of support our service users need. The solutions to our service users needs, are delivered in partnership with others, based on the values below.

  • Holistic Support

    On behalf of our service users we look to develop ongoing wrap-around support in the areas of accommodation, employment, learning & skills, physical & mental health, family & community support, substance misuse and finance & budgeting. Each individual's needs are assessed according to these issues and bespoke packages are developed, in partnership with our network of support agencies, based on ongoing appraisals.

  • Empowerment

    Our programmes of learning are designed to empower service users in order to increase the level of control they perceive they have over their lives. Resources are provided to help aid increased control and empowerment. Initially, the participation in physical activity provides a sense of wellbeing, with the higher levels of our programme developing life and work-related skills that further enable a sense of regaining control of previously chaotic lives.

  • Indefinite Support

    Street Soccer Academy offers long-term support to service users. We recognise that circumstances can change further down the line, once other official forms of support have come to an end, which can result in intervention being necessary. High priority is given to ensuring each service user has access to an effective level of wrap-around support from their local community. An agile management system, with service users having direct access to designated staff, enables us to react swiftly to changes in circumstances in order to bring stability to apparently threatening situations.

  • Peer Mentoring

    On successful completion of an education programme or 'level' at a regional centre, service users are encouraged to take responsibility for less experienced service users. This offers an increased level of qualification and experience, developing leadership skills as they set an example to others. Peer mentoring also provides an increased level of support to new participants.

  • Social Inclusion

    New peer groups are built around service users as they attend local regional centres. Locally sourced volunteers and peers form a nucleus of friendships that are positive and affirming. The regional centres offer a form of community integration. A sense of family is created where a healthy culture and environment provides an ongoing mechanism from which to continue to receive. Like a ripple effect, it is through the forming of these new friendship groups that service users develop the ability and confidence to seek new external friendship groups and connections to ensure that total integration into community life is achieved.

  • Incentivisation

    The privileges and opportunities that are available at Street Soccer Academy are earned and deserved. Determination and effort are recognised and are generally self-rewarding in terms of opportunities that become available. The use of the world's most popular sport allows Street Soccer Academy to impose a code of conduct, with strong behavioural expectations. The use of sanctions for breaches of the code allows negative behavioural patterns to be challenged quickly and effectively and help affect positive long-term change.