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Street Soccer Academy’s model is outcome-based and revolves around incentivised learning programmes which aim to motivate individuals to overcome long-term issues and barriers to development. This method has proven effective in integrating isolated people into communities. Working with individuals with problems related to homelessness, offending behaviour, substance misuse, long-term unemployment and health issues, our four main services (shown below) provide a robust support framework with which these issues can be addressed.

Street Soccer Academy have also created an early intervention wellbeing programme, the Boot Room, which looks to support individuals with their general wellbeing, aimed at stopping issues developing into welfare needs. The Boot Room programme is delivered using the same methods detailed on this website, with support offered via our community-based regional centre

  • Regional

    Community-based engagement

  • Accredited Education Programmes

    Coach education, personal development, health and fitness

  • Wrap-around support

    With attitudes, thinking & behaviour, physical & mental health, training & employment

  • Local

    Signposting to appropriate community-based services

Fundamental Issues

Through each of our regional centres Street Soccer Academy looks to address seven fundamental issues on behalf of our service users. Each individual’s requirements are assessed according to these issues on the understanding that many will have multiple and complex needs. Timescales for attendance and support are created based upon quarterly appraisals which look at each individuals situation and the progress they make towards their goals.

Ensuring that our service users are housed in suitable accommodation, providing a safe, comfortable refuge and the base for a stable life.

Enabling our service users to develop and maintain relationships with family and community to provide support, encouragement, guidance and commitment to reintegration and rehabilitation.

Challenging our service users to change their behaviour with regard to drugs and alcohol through positive influence and professional advice provided by our partner agencies.

The development and application of effective problem-solving abilities, pro-social strategies for managing difficult emotions/situations and in dealing with peers. The aim is to change behaviour by positive influence.

Ensuring that primary health needs are met and encouraging our service users to establish healthy lifestyles that contribute to employment, learning, leisure activity and acceptable social behaviour.

Developing skills, learning and accreditation to enable our service users to enter into or continue with employment, training and education and to establish legitimate earning capacity and self-support.

Ensuring that issues are not compounded by financial difficulties, our service users are given opportunity to manage financial problems. We want to ensure our beneficiaries are financially secure and have the skills to manage within their budget.

  • My participation at Street Soccer Academy is a vital part to my coping with Aspergers Syndrome.

    Riley - SSA Manchster

  • The Street Soccer Academy programme has taught me invaluable lessons, not only in teamwork, communication skills, ethics and life skills but more so in who I can be and what I can achieve.

    Adrian - Coach Education and Personal Development Programme

  • Chris engaged with our regional centre immediately upon release. I’m glad he did this as his life was pretty chaotic with no money for food or clothes and a far from the ideal living situation. To be able to intervene having liaised with the Street Soccer Academy through the gate support team was a real privilege. We were able to meet the immediate need and arrange long-term solutions to their pending problems.

    Dave - SSA East Lancs Regional Manager