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£300,000 Funding Boost

£300,000 Funding Boost

As the nation starts to emerge from the restrictions of the Coronavirus pandemic, life at Street Soccer Academy is getting back to something resembling normality, with news of a £300,000 funding boost for our programmes.

With regards to our Custody Programmes a grant of just over £170,000 was secured with the Henry Smith Charity back in April 2020, but due to Covid outbreak we were unable to commence our programme in HMP Forest Bank, for which the funds have been awarded. Following the lifting of restrictions our programme has commenced, freeing up the allocated funds. The programme will see Street Soccer Academy engage with approximately 200 inmates from HMP Forest Bank, over a 3 year period. After completing our Coach Education & Personal Development Programme whilst serving their prison sentence the main focus of our programme will be engaging with beneficiaries on their release into community. Support given to beneficiaries is targeted at reducing reoffending, ensuring suitable housing and permanent employment is secured, whilst providing ongoing help and assistance in establishing an appropriate network of contacts in local community.

Further details of our Custody Programme can be seen here

More recently we received further good news from the National Lottery with the award of a grant in excess of £130,000 with respect to our Community Programme. This programme is delivered through our regional centres based in North, Central & South Manchester, East & West Lancashire and will focus on providing help and support to individuals referred onto our programmes by a variety of welfare agencies. Focus of the programme is related to unemployment, homelessness and mental health, with beneficiaries receiving ongoing support and appraisal with regards to these and other needs in their life. The funding received is in respect to a three-year period, in which time, Street Soccer Academy will engage with over 500 individuals.

Further details of the work of our Community Programme delivered at our Regional Centres can be seen here 


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