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A Time for Action

A Time for Action

Talking, or at least having the opportunity to talk, with a trusted source is widely recognised as a major benefit for an individual’s wellbeing and state of mind. At Street Soccer Academy we recognise this fact and the reality that for a number of reasons adult males are less likely to talk about their feelings to others, resulting in many not receiving appropriate help and support.

In recognition of the above facts Street Soccer Academy has launched a two-pronged attack on dealing with the issue of men’s wellbeing.  A programme has been put together that provides adult males with an avenue to talk about any issues they may be facing in life, openly and honestly, with trusted members of SSA staff and to receive support in seeking solutions to any issues that exist.

The Boot Room @ Street Soccer Academy combines the benefit of taking part in healthy physical activity (England Football Accredited coaching sessions) with the offer of an opportunity to talk, one-to-one, with a member of the SSA staff team. The Boot Room @ Street Soccer Academy, “where everyone has a voice” means that no subjects are off limits.

Off the back of the relationships that build through the Boot Room and from the conversations that occur as a consequence, Street Soccer Academy are also available to offer the services of the SSA Connections Centre. As an England Football Accredited Club we recognise our expertise lies solely in the delivery of professional standard football coaching sessions. Whilst we understand involvement in our sessions allows us to build particularly strong relationships with our service users, our expertise begins and ends in delivery of our sessions. What we can offer off the back of the relationships that develop is help and support in accessing appropriate help from within the local community. This can take the form of connecting people with one of our partner agencies in the areas of accommodation, employment & training, family & community support, drug & alcohol advice or finance. Alternatively, our help may be in seeking out appropriate professional support with regards to physical and/or mental health.

Ultimately our aim through the Boot Room and Connections Centre programmes is to help individuals build for themselves a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, supported by the local community. Utilising the world’s most popular sport, we believe, allows us to develop relationships of trust that are difficult to achieve through other forms of engagement and from these relationships go on to help individuals make positive changes to their life’s circumstances. For our target demographic we believe we have an effective programme that allows us to combat some of the stereotypical issues that surround adult males and mental health. Our determination not only to provide avenues for discussion, but to go on and seek out practical solutions to a variety of issues related to wellbeing, means we are able to help individuals make positive and long-lasting change to their lives.

Access to the Boot Room @ Street Soccer Academy and SSA Connections Centre is provided through attendance at one of 5 SSA Regional Centres. Check out the link for details of times, days and venues. Sessions are once a week per venue with self-referrals accepted and places available regardless of footballing ability (subject to criteria outlined on our referrals page)


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