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Encouraging News in the Season of Hope

Encouraging News in the Season of Hope

News of how we are GENERATING HOPE for those engaged in our programmes

It’s that time of year again when we get an opportunity to reflect on a year gone by and look forward to the opportunities a new year brings. From everyone at Street Soccer Academy we extend our best wishes to those who take an interest in our work and hope that 2024 is a prosperous and fulfilling year for all.

2023 was a year that saw our SSA Boot Room and SSA Connections Centre initiatives firmly established in the programmes we offer. The SSA Boot Room is a self-referral route into our support, particularly focused on men’s mental health and wellbeing, looking to address the shocking statistics that surround suicide and self-harm in adult males in our nation. The SSA Boot Room offers the benefit of a weekly physical activity, with the option to receive wrap around support and an opportunity to discuss any particular issues being faced. It is widely reported that adult males are less likely to talk about their issues, particularly in relation to feelings and emotions, but our experience through our appraisal system shows that the SSA Boot Room allows confidence to be built in our staff, providing a platform for discussion. Service User surveys indicate approximately 70% of our beneficiaries experience improved mental health after completing one of our programmes

The SSA Connections Centre Initiative is a method of ensuring beneficiaries have access to the services and support they need for a sustainable lifestyle. Loss of connections is typical amongst our service users meaning they lack the ability to access for themselves employment, training, support with health issues, financial support etc. Often the disconnect leads, in many cases, to isolation and ultimately to a loss of hope for the future. The SSA Connections Centre is available to all who attend our community-based regional centres and has been established in our custody programmes to work with learners, helping them establish the vital connections needed for effective resettlement, prior to their release back into community. Service User surveys indicate over 80% of our beneficiaries have improved hope for the future due to the intervention of the SSA Connections Centre.

Whilst the services on offer through our custody programmes have expanded the number of available spaces to learners has also increased. In our programme in NW England a streetfit stream has been added to the existing streetsoccer stream, meaning we will work with approximately 190 learners. In addition, an increase in the number of spaces available through our North Wales programme will see Street Soccer Academy engage with approximately 380 service users across the two custody centres in 2024.


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