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Eligibility Criteria

The following criteria are the general eligibility criteria for acceptance on our Street Soccer and Streetfit Programmes. All potential service users, who meet the criteria, will be required to undertake an interview with a designated SSA Regional Manager and we reserve the right to refuse acceptance onto the course based upon a candidates attitude to learning or information shared during the interview.

General Criteria

• Applicants should be male, aged 18+ years
• Applicants must have entitlement to live and work in the UK
• In order to benefit from our programmes written and spoken English must be good enough to fully understand, and benefit from, information shared. Our Coach Education programme is an education programme, not a leisure activity.

Communication can be in the form of:

– Technical information regarding sessions. With the support of our volunteers, you will be required to plan, deliver and evaluate sessions in accordance with our coaching manual. An ability to read our coaching manual, process the information and formulate personalised written coaching plans is essential.

– Information shared regarding help and assistance available to you in community.

– Interaction with partner agencies during work experience or community-based activities.

• Criminal convictions are not a barrier to being accepted on our programmes. Please note however candidates with any of the following UNSPENT convictions should be referred to SSA HQ (details below) before being provided with an interview:-

– A Schedule 1 Offence (Offences against children)
– Any sex-based offence
– Any offence requiring the signing of the Sex Offenders Register
– Any offence involving ‘actual’ use of a weapon