Street Soccer Academy is innovative. Our four main services are:

Accredited Education Programmes

Coach education, personal development, health and fitness 

Regional Centres

Incentivised support for the hard to reach 


Training of local volunteers

Wrap-around support

With particular emphasis on attitudes, thinking & behaviour, physical & mental health, training and employment

Through each of our Regional Centres Street Soccer Academy looks to address seven fundamental issues on behalf of our service users. Each individual’s requirements are assessed according to these issues on the understanding that many will have multiple and complex needs. A timescale for attendance and support is created based upon quarterly appraisals which look at each individuals situation and the progress they make towards their goals.


Ensuring that our service users are housed in suitable accommodation, providing a safe, comfortable refuge and the base for a stable life.

Physical and Mental Health

Ensuring that primary health needs are met and encouraging our service users to establish healthy lifestyles that contribute to employment, learning, leisure activity and social behaviour.

Families and Community Support

Enabling our service users to develop and maintain relationships with family and community to provide support, encouragement, guidance and commitment to re-integration and rehabilitation.

Employment, Learning and Skills

Developing skills, learning and accreditation to enable our service users to enter into or continue with employment, training and education and to establish legitimate earning capacity and self-support.

Drugs and Alcohol

Challenging our device users to change their behaviour with regard to drugs and alcohol through positive influence and professional advice provided by our partner agencies.


Ensuring that issues are not compounded by financial difficulties our players are given opportunity to manage financial problems. We want to ensure our service users can obtain sufficient lawfully obtained money and have the skills to manage within their budget.

Attitudes, Thinking and Behaviour

The development and application of effective problem-solving abilities, pro-social strategies for managing difficult emotions/situations and in dealing with peers. The aim is to change behaviour by positive influence.


My participation at Street Soccer Academy is a vital part to my coping with Aspergers Syndrome.

Rich, SSA Manchester

The Street Soccer Academy programme has taught me invaluable lessons, not only in team work, communication skills, ethics and life skills but more so in who I can be and what I can achieve.

Anon, Coach Education and Personal Development Programme Participant

As for the future I know Street Soccer Academy will be there for me when I am released, to help and support me... and that's massive.

Nial, Coach Education and Personal Development Programme Participant

With the help of everyone at Street Soccer Academy I am getting my life back together, not just on the pitch but off it.

Damon, SSA Manchester

My time with Street Soccer Academy has definitely increased my confidence in my coaching ability.

Guy, SSA Bolton

Thanks for giving me the time and help on the course, it has made a difference in my life.

Tony, Coach Education and Personal Development Programme Participant