Life Fit aims to transform the lives of those impacted by mental health with three key messages:

“You are not alone”
Life Fit will provide Inspiration and support to those currently experiencing mental health challenges.

“We will support you”
Life Fit will empower and encourage charities and organisations to develop strategies, skills and capacity to deal with mental health.

“We believe in you”
To raise awareness of the challenges and realities of mental health, and break down the stigmas and barriers that exist.


The LifeFit campaign is a response to the rapidly growing support need of mental health in the UK.

Owned by the community, LifeFit is operated by a group of key stakeholders (charitable, healthcare, business and community organisations) and leaders interested in the mental health of our communities. These stakeholders have come together to deal with one of the most profoundly important health and social challenges facing the UK.

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