Hall of Fame

At the Set Apart event held in February 2014 Street Soccer Academy launched a special award to recognise the achievements of certain individuals who graduate from our programmes. Those who achieve the award of Fellow of Street Soccer Academy are listed here in the hall of fame.

Mike R

Mike Richardson

Mike entered Street Soccer Academy through the Salford regional centre and has undergone a remarkable transformation.  The physical effects on Mike in his time with us are very evident, with weight loss of almost four stones.  But it is in respect to Mike’s attitude, thinking and behaviour that we have the more significant change.  As a graduate of our programmes Mike is very much a community champion, setting an example to the next generation and acting as an inspiration to the current crop at Street Soccer Academy in his role as a volunteer.


Scott Marsh

A graduate of our Accrington regional centre, Scott joined Street Soccer Academy low on confidence and low on hope for future prospects.  In a very short space of time Scott gained in confidence with the encouragement of Accrington’s team of volunteers and started to put behind him the issues which had held him back for far too long.  Our accredited learning programme led onto obtaining an FA Coaching qualification and this provided Scott with the ability and ambition to undertake voluntary work, with work experience and finally the offer of full-time work following on.  Street Soccer Academy provided Scott with a solid platform to build a sustainable lifestyle and he remains a SSA Ambassador to encourage others who may be low on confidence and hope.


David Davies

David’s achievements with Street Soccer Academy should not be underestimated.  Engaging with us at our HMP Forest Bank regional centre, David faced serious obstacles on his release, needing assistance with food parcels, friendship and a place of refuge.  David soon started to take hold of his life and his determination and desire to succeed was tangible.  As a team we are delighted to see him now looking after his family, having a healthy routine to his life and playing a full role in society, of which, securing full-time employment plays a major part.  We remain extremely optimistic about what the future holds for David and his family.  He is a true example of what can be achieved when you make good decisions and choose to surround yourself with the right people.


Guy Hampson

Guy engaged with Street Soccer Academy at our Bolton regional centre at a time that Guy confesses was a serious low for him due to bad choices he had made.  Already with a track record of football coaching behind him Guy soon stood out as a talented individual and with the help of the team of volunteers at Bolton progressed through the education, practical experience and skills development programmes, graduating in record time.  Guy remains a SSA Ambassador providing coach education at a number of SSA regional centres, setting the standard of excellence for other aspiring coaches.  Full-time employment secured through the SSA Industries Programme means Guy has regained the stability to be making plans for his long-term future.


Jordan Coghiel

Jordan engaged with Street Soccer Academy in August 2014 when he enrolled onto our Coach Education and Personal Development Programme, successfully completing all 20 units of learning. An attendee of both the Manchester and Bolton regional centres Jordan progressed to level 3 accessing our skills development programme and taking responsibility for peer mentoring numerous ‘ex-offenders’ in community. On his time with SSA Jordan said :

“Since connecting with Street Soccer Academy my outlook on life has changed. It didn’t happen immediately, it was a process. The most important thing is knowing that SSA are there for me 24/7. I firmly believe that my life has changed permanently now for the better. With the ongoing support of SSA I can feel confident about my future prospects.”


Chris Satterthwaite

Chris is one of the longest serving members of the SSA family. Originally connecting with us at our Manchester regional centre, Chris’s journey with us has been a remarkable one. Originally homeless, with a history of sleeping rough on the streets of Manchester, Chris progressed through our levels and became the first ever SSA Ambassador. He now supports the work of SSA by encouraging the current crop of service users, attending regional centres and events, as an example of what can be achieved by fully engaging with the support of Street Soccer Academy.


Ian Bruty

Ian was inducted into the SSA Hall of Fame in November 2016. A graduate of the SSA Coach Education and Personal Development Programme, who’s progress and development can only be described as remarkable. Ian’s passion to help others avoid the mistakes of his past is evident to see. Ian has been instrumental in the setting up of the new regional SSA regional centre in Bury and will play a pivotal role in the support and assistance local lads will receive through engagement with Street Soccer Academy.  


Rich Hawkins

Rich was one of the first ever service users to engage with Street Soccer Academy back in 2006 at our Manchester Regional Centre. Having graduated through our programmes Rich now volunteers on our behalf and is Regional Manager at SSA Stockport, providing vital help and support to individuals with complex and multiple needs. Rich has a wealth of knowledge related to services provided in the Stockport area. Rich’s development with SSA is confirmation that a long-term approach in supporting people can result in positive and lasting transformation.