Since the inception of Street Soccer Academy as a registered company and charity in 2010 we have taken great strides in producing effective working models that enable individuals with multiple and complex needs to receive hope for a better future.

Through utilising sports based models we are uniquely positioned in the lives of people with backgrounds related to homelessness, mental ill health, offending and long-term unemployment to gradually, bit by bit, help vulnerable people play a full part in society once more. Having a regular opportunity via our regional centres to influence people who have quite serious and complex issues needing to be dealt with provides a unique platform from which to engage and effect long-term positive change to their lives and circumstances.

We pride ourselves in providing bespoke support, recognising that each individuals needs are different. Some spend as short a period as a few months with us where as for others it can take years of input and influence before we can arrange an effective exit strategy out of our regional centres and back into mainstream communities.

Sport is great, especially football. It has great pulling power, attracting many people into our environments. It’s our staff and volunteers however who provide real craft and guile to use sport to build positive trusting relationships. It’s from this point that we can establish life saving relationships, early interventions and offer a whole host of ‘wrap-around’ support.

I regard our personnel, the people deployed throughout our organization, as the main reason why we are developing such a unique reputation throughout the North West of England for delivering excellence that leads to the transformation of many lives. Between us we have a clear vision and strategy for expanding our work further so that more people currently living with no hope and in isolation can be rescued, loved and supported back into local communities and society as a whole. Thank you for taking the time and showing interest in reading this report. Please do contact me if you feel you can add further value to our operations by getting involved.

Andy Thorp CEO Street Soccer Academy


Why Street Soccer Academy?

There are many social welfare organisations that exist to help people with multiple and complex needs. We know this because we work closely and often in collaboration with many of them. Socially minded employers, training and education establishments provide effective pathways for disadvantaged people to progress once they are psychologically ready to embark on work or to reconsider college. If however, the attitudes, thinking and behavior of individuals haven’t been considered, these opportunities alone fail to provide a solid base and they become short-term solutions that ultimately lead back to ‘square one’ with another welfare organization repeating the same process at a later date. Organisations in the social welfare sector must work together in providing effective mutual aid networks.

Street Soccer Academy excels at penetrating the thinking of people, challenging thought processes and places great emphasis on the importance of personal and social development.

The Street Soccer Academy Model includes four main services:

Accredited Education Programmes

Delivering Coach Education, Personal Development, Health and Fitness Programmes.

Regional Centres

Offering incentivised support for the ‘hard to reach’ in communities ensuring participants earn opportunities that are presented to them. 


Providing locally sourced and trained volunteers to become the solution to issues we seek to address.

Wrap-around support

Putting particular emphasis on the attitudes, thinking and behavior of participants, physical and mental health and education, training and employment.

The four services combined provide a robust support framework within which prevalent issues for individuals with backgrounds related to homelessness, offending, drug & alcohol abuse, long-term unemployment and mental ill health are combatted.

We are delighted to recognise Street Soccer Academy’s amazing contribution to grassroots sport. All the team work year-round providing support for people who face many issues and this shows the relentless dedication within Street Soccer Academy

Gareth Southgate

We have a long tradition of forming strong and successful partnerships with some of the very best organisations in the criminal justice sphere. Our work with Street Soccer Academy is one of our key strategic partnerships for the development of national solutions to reducing offending

Trevor Shortt - Director HMP Forest Bank

We have referred a number of our tenants onto Street Soccer Academy's programmes, which has been beneficial in breaking negative behavioural cycles. Street Soccer Academy's support network has complimented our work in enabling tenants to live independent lives.

Eleanor Smith - Greater Manchester Area Manager, ECHG Riverside Housing Association

What do we do?

Through each of our Regional Centres Street Soccer Academy looks to address seven fundamental issues on behalf of our service users. Each individual’s requirements are assessed according to these issues on the understanding that many will have multiple and complex needs. A timescale for attendance and support is created based upon quarterly appraisals which look at each individuals situation and the progress they make towards their goals.


Ensuring that our participants are housed in suitable accommodation providing safe and comfortable refuge for a stable life.

Physical and Mental Health

Ensuring primary health needs are met and establishing healthy lifestyles leading to employment, learning and social behaviour.

Families and Community Support

Enabling the development of healthy relationships with families and communities aiding reintegration and rehabilitation.

Employment, Learning and Skills

Developing skills and learning leading to realistic employment and training and establishing legitimate earning capacity.

Drugs and Alcohol

Challenging changes in behavior with regard to drugs and alcohol through positive influence and professional advice.


Ensuring sufficient lawfully obtained money to be earned and to develop the skills to manage within a budget.

Attitudes, Thinking and Behaviour

Development and application of effective pro-social strategies for managing emotions/situations and dealing with peers.

Street Soccer Academy puts particular emphasis on attitudes, thinking and behaviour, physical and mental health, and employment, learning and skills. Street Soccer Academy is part of a mutual-aid network, recognising that partnership and working together is important if we are to achieve the aim of providing permanent solutions to the complex situations and circumstances that the beneficiaries experience.

For day-to-day support requests, our floating support team meets the needs of our clients, such as providing friendship, food parcels, clothing bundles, preparation of CVs, and attending appointments as an advocate.

Our rapid response team responds to more serious situations that arise where the consequences of the situation can be severe.

How does it work?


Referrals are received directly from registered agencies into Regional Centres and Education Programmes. Each regional centre ‘level’ of learning is 12-weeks in duration and education programmes are variable in length. Education programme streams include ‘StreetSoccer’ and ‘StreetFit’ and are delivered separately to regional centres and involve part-time and full-time learning. Having completed an education programme, service users enter into regional centres at advanced stages depending on whether they have complete mentoring modules.

A bespoke and progressive programme is delivered via regional centres that advance individuals at speeds that are realistic and attainable as they take on increased responsibilities. Levels can be repeated if necessary before advancing.

At each level appropriate exit strategies are found depending on the needs of the individual. Exit strategies include further training, education and employment.

Personal mentoring and ‘wrap-around’ support is provided upon registration through to official exit. The length of time support is provided is indefinite and at varying levels of intensity depending on the needs of the individuals. When individuals have exited they still qualify for community-based support via our infrastructure enabling us to intervene at later stages if their lives and circumstances change.

What impact are we having? 

Community Based Regional Centres


Justice Services Snapshot

Total Inmates
Internal Course Completion Rate
External Engagement
Reoffending Rate

Pathways in Community

Education and Training
SSA Support

What makes us unique?


Peer Mentoring

On successful completion of the education programme, participants can apply to become mentors on following courses. This offers an increased level of qualification and experience and develops leadership skills in the mentors as they set the example to others. Peer mentoring also provides an increased level of support to new participants.


The programmes of learning are designed to empower the participants in order to increase the level of control they perceive that they have over their lives. Resources are provided to help aid increased control and empowerment.


All participants that have completed ‘Level 1’ at a regional centre progress into practical experience programmes and skills development programmes with a responsibility for mentoring level 1 participants. The model provides the participants with responsibilities in communities, which many have not had before. This in itself acts as a deterrent to repeat negative cyclical behaviour and encourages healthy lifestyles.


The privileges and opportunities that are attainable are earned and deserved. The more effort the participants exert, the increased opportunities that become presentable. When the agreed code of conduct is broken, sanctions are applied.

Community Integration

New ‘peer’ groups are built around the participants as they attend local regional centres. Locally sourced volunteers and peers form a nucleus of friendships that are positive and affirming. The regional centres offer a form of community integration. A sense of family is created where a healthy culture and environment provides an ongoing mechanism, from which to continue to receive support.

Holistic Wrap-Around Support

Participants can receive ongoing wrap-around support in areas of accommodation, employment, learning and skills, physical and mental health, families and community support, drugs and alcohol, finance and attitudes, thinking and behavior.  Each individual’s needs are assessed according to these issues and timescales for attendance and bespoke support packages are developed upon quarterly appraisals.

Indefinite Support

Street Soccer Academy offers long-term support to service users in communities. We recognise that circumstances can change for individuals further down the line once other official forms of support have come to an end, which can result in intervention being necessary. The significant level of ‘wrap-around support’ provided by our floating support team enables us to react swiftly to changing circumstances in order to bring stability to apparently threatening situations.



Delivering Excellence has been a core value of Street Soccer Academy since it’s inception. The development of a strong brand, alongside professionally delivered programmes, has provided our staff and volunteers with the platform to confidently engage with individuals in their local community. Our standards are key in the motivation of individuals with multiple and complex needs and are something we will continue to monitor and develop as we extend our reach, geographically and through additional programmes.’

Simon Murphy, Technical Director, Street Soccer Academy

Best Practice

The ‘Virtuous Circle’

Street Soccer Academy is engaged in working partnerships in the education, welfare-to-work, homelessness and offender management markets. We see real value in providing a relevant and effective service as part of a mutual aid network in meeting the needs of individuals with multiple and complex needs.

We actively seek sponsorship and investment from commercial entities to assist us in delivering quality public services not directly provided by the government. Without the private sector recognizing its social responsibility in supporting third sector organisations in their missions to provide critical public services, the virtuous circle of public, private and third sector partnerships would be incomplete and the result is a diluted one in terms of effectiveness.

The third sector is now a major force in public service delivery. It works in partnership with public sector commissioners and with providers in the public sector, private sector and rest of the third sector.

Street Soccer Academy places high value and relevance on effective working practices by ensuring suitably qualified staff are employed to perform key roles working in line with appropriate policies and procedures. This ensures that quality services are offered. Without such an approach where we are affiliated to relevant governing bodies to ensure the highest standards in operations, we would not be able to offer the level of professionalism required in order to operate on a par with public and private sector organisations in offering a critical yet complementary role in the virtuous circle that ultimately creates further opportunities for the beneficiaries.








‘Since 2010 Street Soccer Academy has established working relationships with many different organisations, from community groups to multi-national corporations. A robust managerial structure has allowed us to plan strategic growth to extend the reach of Street Soccer Academy in the coming years and increase the extent of our partnerships. Our aim is to achieve this growth whilst maintaining the highest level of service to our partners, staff, volunteers and service users alike.’  

Zoe Murphy, General Manager, Street Soccer Academy




The more unrestricted funds we can generate the more effective our service is. Individuals’ needs change and our response has to be flexible. With this in mind we are aiming to significantly increase the amount of funds that can be self-generated. This means creating new and innovative ways for people to financially support our work thus increasing the amount of donations we receive from individuals through donors, sponsors and fund raising events.

The difference you can make as a monthly donor:


  • £100 –  Protection: Provide immediate intervention to emergency situations
  • £50 – Care: Fund a package of support for a vulnerable person
  • £20 – Shelter: Provide a bedsit for a rough sleeper
  • £10 –  Security: Enable day-to-day support of vulnerable people
  • £5 –  Sustenance: Provide an emergency food parcel for a homeless person
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  • £5000 – Fund an education programme at a regional centre
  • £2,500 – Provide facility hire cover for regional centre operations
  • £1000 – fund a full kit at a regional centre
  • £500 – Contribute to our annual emergency fund
  • £150 – Enable a service user to gain a recognised Level 1 qualification
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