Street Soccer Academy has a Social Impact of More Than £2 Million Pounds Per Year

The article below is taken from a blog post on the website of Regeneris Consulting posted on 15th Feb 2017

Manchester Based Charity Street Soccer Academy has a Unique Recipe for Success which Helps Put People’s Lives Back on Track

Manchester based charity Street Soccer Academy has found a unique recipe for success by using football and fitness to help people with complex needs. Pro Bono Economics has recently published an impact report produced by Regeneris Consulting, which demonstrates their significant positive impact on the local economy and people’s lives.

Street Soccer Academy proves that sport is not only good for our health and well-being, but that it can also be the driving factor in helping to put people’s lives back on track and support them to reintegrate with society and the local community. With an annual turnover of just over £200,000, the charity delivers £2 million in social benefits.

The report on the economic and social impact of Street Soccer Academy is available on the Pro Bono Economics website here

“Working with Street Soccer Academy has been a hugely satisfying experience for me. As economists it is important for us to use our knowledge and experience as a force for good in society. Economics is more than just financial modelling for government or business, it is about understanding the immediate and long-term social impact of the way money is spent. Pro Bono Economics provides a fantastic opportunity for both economists and charities to apply and develop their skills, and I would encourage other economists to get involved.”

Gemal Mekki, Consultant

The press release for the report and their upcoming event “Has Britain Got Sport Upside Down?” is available here and information on how to get involved with Pro Bono Economics as a charity or an economist can be found on their website.


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