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On the StreetsAt our Central Manchester regional centre we recently enrolled a young man onto our programme who was officially classed as homeless. This is a common occurrence for us, so is registering people who are rough sleeping. This particular referral had a difference however in that the young man concerned told us he was sleeping in a skip!

We have registered individuals who have been sleeping under the Mancunian Way, sleeping in tents, on park benches and one particular individual who springs to mind who referred to his abode as being a ‘dungeon’.

Where as a few years ago all we could do was to provide a food parcel and some warm clothing for the night we are now positioned to positively influence the situations that homeless men face.  With immediate emergency accommodation referrals, followed by medium to long-term planning in arranging for appropriate housing combined with developing certain life skills, vulnerable and ‘at-risk’ men can receive immediate help and support and real hope for their futures.

With our Stockport Soccer 24 fund raising event fast approaching I am appealing to you to help us in our pursuit to provide dignity to many more homeless men. These events really do help us perform a specific and critical area of service that we receive no formal funding for in order to do and as you can tell from this article we are uniquely positioned to help these marginalised and ‘hard to reach’ men.

The event will be based at Life Leisure in Reddish, Stockport and involves 24 5-a-side matches beginning at 6pm Friday 9th and finishing at 6pm Saturday 10th November. There are a number of ways individuals, groups and businesses can support the event. There are a number of team slots available and a variety of sponsorship packages too. To find out more information please visit or email the event organiser Simon Murphy

Thank you for your support.

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